Getting ready to hit the road for Texas, where the imminent reunion of a band long thought dead and buried is likely to electrify the heavens and send earthquakes shattering the silence, splitting open the ground beneath the slumbering feet of the unsuspecting masses.  Like ripples on a still pond, the stone I cast now is certain to make waves, and until things really get rolling, The Imaginary Nightclub is back, open for visitors to explore until June 1, when we'll close up shop for a spell to prepare for a book release and, with a little luck, some brand new music.


Recently at The Imaginary Nightclub, our state-of-the-art, trans-temporal, multi-dimensional Security Systems detected some strange transmissions emanating from an unknown source.  As a result, the Nightclub has been closed for safety reasons until a threat assessment can be properly conducted. 

These broadcasts contain vast quantities of encoded information, and right now, we have placed our very best minds upon decrypting these mysterious files...and then bringing them to you, our most valued clientele. 

Earlier today, after working tirelessly around-the-clock, our team successfully unscrambled a short segment of these strange transmissions.  This appears to be a historical recording of some ancient variety, but due to some unusual localized interference, the audio quickly becomes garbled.  Here.  Listen for yourselves: