Imaginary Nightclub (2014)

Two-disc album of all-original "jazz" compositions dedicated to Karlton Hester, a master jazz musician who taught me how to make this kind of music.  Solos are recorded live on an AKAI EWI-4000S without edits in order to maintain the honest spontaneity of the improvisation.

Souled Out (2013)

An album about excess, told with political satire and a sharp edge.  All vocals are pitch-corrected for your listening pleasure, but every improvised solo was recorded in real-time with no editing to preserve honest spontaneity.


Time of the Month (2012)

A jazz album that served as a 'test run' of the methods developed over the previous five years, this album was created soup to nuts in a little over one month. All solos are unedited and performed in real time on an AKAI EWI 4000S.