Welcome to The Imaginary Nightclub, the only BYOB bar on the internet. We plan to add more content soon.  New videos listed below.  Thanks for visiting!  (P.S.  I don't know why the videos keep linking to each page, nor do I understand this latest switch from a black background sporting fancy white letters...to a white background, which temporarily occulted my white-colored (if there is such a thing) words...was this a glitch?  Or was this...CENSORSHIP?  Who knows?)


My best original composition:  "Bah Skumbug"...arranged for a big band. Dedicated with love to my bandmates from our massively popular quartet "Insane Iguana," which debuted this amazing tune and attracted a screaming hoard of young college girl groupies who threw their tops off at us while we tried to perform this song and they slowed down my trombone slide in a most annoying fashion with their bare chests and flung undergarments, which kept getting caught amongst our musical instruments. Tough being a rock star. The rest of the videos below are standards. Go ahead...have a laugh.

Here is my orchestration of the theme to Doctor Who...very traditional and old school. Not much new. I intended to add lead trombone, but never got 'round to it. Maybe tomorrow. Time will tell.