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When did I record this?  Who am I?  Who turned out the lights?

Recorded recently.  Don't rememember when.

This video below was recorded Thursday, March 9, 2023.  Dry take.  No practice.  Spontaneous.  I wonder what I could do if I actually practiced again like way back in the good 'ol days?

My best original composition below:  "Bah Skumbug"...arranged for a big band. Dedicated with love to my bandmates from our massively popular quartet "Insane Iguana," which debuted this amazing tune and attracted a screaming hoard of young college girl groupies who threw their tops off at us while we tried to perform this song and they slowed down my trombone slide in a most annoying fashion with their bare chests and flung undergarments, which kept getting caught amongst our musical instruments. Tough being a rock star. The rest of the videos below are standards. Go ahead...have a laugh.