Included on this page are password-protected links to fiction samples that have NOT been published yet.  Anyone viewing these pages:  please maintain reasonable confidentiality and distribute only when appropriate.  Thanks!

The Last Honorable Vulcan (2019)

An attempt at Star Trek "fan fiction" with the goal of capturing the flavor of the original 1960s tv series in only two days of writing effort between 1/25-1/26/19.

(Removed for revision)

Grand Theft Automaton - Version One  (2014-2018)

Part One of my first first novel, this is the first 1/3 of the story, measuring about 690 pages.  The final "novel" will consist of three books containing about 600 pages each.  The remainder of the "series" will measure sixteen novels at about 2000 pages each...the first ever "Pinwheel Series," if completed.

(Password Protected)

Séance (2014)

This television pilot script led to meetings with two Hollywood production companies:  The Jackal Group, producers of "The Terminator" films, and Valhalla Entertainment, which produces "The Walking Dead," the highest-rated show that year. 

The Twelve Doctors (2013)

A short story satire written to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of "Doctor Who."  Fans should catch a number of "in-jokes," but non-fans will probably be baffled.