From the recording Souled Out



Falling through the cracks of someone else's paradigm...
Sucked into a tunneled reality…
The consensus trance transmitted
By the vision of broken towers
Lies heavy upon the minds of the bewildered herd.

Trapped inside the dim and gloomy caverns of their minds...
Chained to one another by bonds of fear...
The dancing shadows, cast
Upon the walls they cannot touch,
Terrorize the helpless victims of the few.

Spinning Frames…like you've never seen.
Spinning Frames…it's someone else's meme.
Spinning Frames…lies you've heard before.
Spinning Frames…the hurt you hold.

Fractured by the all-consuming greed of the few…
A place where schools and prisons look the same...
With thirteen iron bars
Of bloody red and soiled white,
Her flag turned on its side will show the truth.

Looted of her wealth and honor, crippled by her shame...
Crushed beneath the weight of an enormous lie….
A place of broken dreams
And hollowed-out factories
Where the only thing manufactured is consent.

Spinning Frames…the kind that hurts your head.
Spinning Frames…look too close, you're dead.
Spinning Frames…guaranteed to cloud your mind.
Spinning Frames…which way is up?

Armed with reason, wielding logic, science as your guide…
Driven by your curiosity…
You shatter all their chains
And you cast away your fear,
Then you stumble from the cave into the light.

Blinded by the beauty of a world you've never seen...
You long to share the truth of what you've found…
But you never can go back
To tell the others what it's like,
'Cause it's suicide to return to Plato's cave.

Spinning Frames…are we too far gone?
Spinning Frames…who wants to be their pawn?
Spinning Frames…let's walk toward the dawn.
Spinning Frames…it's all about point of view.