1. Cool Vegas

From the recording Souled Out



Overloaded by the roar of a thousand machines,
The floor is crowded; it's a typical scene:
The Texas high-rollers with their ten-gallon hats,
The dudes in swank tuxes, the really cool cats,
The card-counting shark in the ugly plaid shirt,
The pimp at the stairs, passing to his whore a folded note
From the man at The Sands, who needs a tasty lady for a night that's out of hand.

Red carpet melting into smoke-stained walls,
All the bodies trapped in an endless fall.
Zombie-glazed eyes staring straight ahead,
Resting all their hopes on that arm of lead.
Lost souls hoping they will win the cash
To get a fresh start, shake the chains of the past…
To get rid of despair, to get rid of the rot…
But the only change here is going down the slots.

Tray-toting ladies slinking down the aisles,
Hookin' all the suckers with their curves and their smiles.
Fishnet stockings barely cover their ass
As their hips wiggle side to side wherever they pass.
Slinging free booze to the fools on the stools,
Keeping 'em drunk is the fuel for the never-ending
Duel with the slots. Take another shot.
They feed another dime, and they waste some more time.

You pound some free rum, then fall out on the street.
The pulse of the town's like a rhythmic beat.
Flesh-peddlers pimping with a SNAP! SNAP! SNAP!
Pushing porno flyers into every gap.
The booze starts to work, and your legs go numb,
So you stumble toward the throbbing of a bass and a drum.
The bouncer at the door looks like The Missing Link,
He says, "Twelve dollar cover, minimum three drinks."

Hypnotizing dancers on the polished brass pole
Shimmy up and down, and the night starts to roll.
Nicotine dreams float like clouds in the air,
But it doesn't really matter 'cause the breasts are all bare.
Someone slips a little somethin' in your drink,
And your mind starts to whirl, your brain can't think.
Lap dancer's shovin' it in your face,
But your mind has blasted off into outer space.

Strobing neon lights burn their image on your brain
And you ask yourself again why the hell you even came.
Acid-drenched visions leave you floating in a daze
And the naked women dancing just enhance the haze.
You climb to your feet. You lumber out the door.
You plunge into the night even though she wants more.
Out on the town your hallucinations fade,
But the dark, empty bottom of the city…calls…your...name.