From the recording Souled Out



We followed Father's mysteries
To weird and foreign lands,
Through jungles, plains, and rolling hills,
Through dry and dusty sands.

His journals written long ago
Described the trips he took.
The stories he had written there
Demanded that we look.

We had to see for ourselves
If it was real.

We followed Father's Mysteries
With chainsaws in our hands.
We carried rifles on our backs
Katanas in our bands.

Shadows cast upon the ground
Might come alive to fight.
Through cobweb fields and haunted plots,
We ran into the night.

When monsters tried to attack,
We'd beat them back.

In Listin Town we hid the crown
To spite the Demon Queen.
At Windy Cliffs we fought a snake
Whose scales were red and green.

At Camelot we helped a man
To fix a magic vase.
Valhalla's halls had broken walls
That spanned all time and space.

We travelled to off to the sun
And had some fun.

We followed Father's mysteries
Not long after he died.
We saw adventures with our eyes
And proved he had not lied.

This journey took us to the stars,
His path was something strange.
The dangers lurking there would leave
A lesser mind deranged.

To this day we roam
And might not go home.